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Nuclear medicine has been of great importance for the detection of cancer in time and also the cure of the same disease through radioactive treatments. All of this thanks to research that took years to our team to make, and today can be implemented as a way to prevent, detect or cure one of the strongest diseases.


With the emergence of nuclear medicine and the creation of various machines to examine people, now it is also offered the option of being able to give a much more comprehensive and detailed diagnosis about the disease.

For this, radioactive substances are used and can be applied through injections or taken; or also through the examination of nuclear radiation  to have a more specific study on cancer, the affected area, size and many more details.

In addition to providing the option to detect tumors in time when they’re still benign and thus be able to combat them with a lower risk.

Moreover, the person will have to continue to undergo constant evaluations also radioactive to see if there have been repercussions in any part of the body as in other organs or tissues in particular.


Also in nuclear medicine has been discovered radioactive forms to treat diseases, one of them is radiotherapy and is one of the most applied treatments for different types of cancer, destroying cancer cells through radiation.

This treatment is applied as a cure for cancer, as a way to prevent it from developing again or stopping its development. Everything will depend on the type of cancer that, to know what kind of radiography and method to apply in general.

This has been the cure between thousands of people who have suffered from cancer; obviously it’s a process that takes time to achieve the ultimate goal that’s the elimination of cancer.