5 Things to Do Before an MRI Exam

Magnetic Resonance is one of the ways to examine people through radioactive technology. You can see internally from organs, bones and other things; and also, unlike other radioactive technology tests, this is the only one who can emit 3D images.

So here we leave you some things to do before an MRI exam:

If You Have Any Condition Or Illness

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In case of having any particular condition or disease, it is necessary you first communicate it to the doctor to know if you can or not take the exam. Some of the essential things you need to notify first are if you’re pregnant or have a pacemaker.

As well as if you are claustrophobic, have tattoos, some infusion device implanted in your body, artificial valve in heart, metal implants and prosthesis, kidney problems, bullet wounds, diabetes, allergies, and much more too.


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There is really no previous preparation to do before this exam, in addition to the typical ones that the doctor has warned you. Use comfortable clothes, without jewels and take the list of the medicines that the doctor prescribed you.


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Normally the exam lasts between 40 minutes and one hour. During that time you should remain calm, without moving and comply with all medical indications.


The doctor will assign some earplugs because normally these types of machines emit very loud sounds. You will have at hand an alarm button to advice the doctor any symptoms you’re presenting.

In Case Of Children

Children are harder to control, especially in exams that last so long. That’s why in some hospitals they provide special glasses compatible with the MRI, so they can watch movies or videos. In extreme cases, anesthesia will be applied.

This has been one of the best technological inventions of medicine because it can detect so many diseases and save so many lives in time. In addition, it’s a very strong and powerful magnetic field, which is why it’s necessary to take serious precautions like these before using it.

5 Things to Do Before an MRI Exam

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